Why Joomla CMS for Your Website?

Joomla is now the one of world’s most favored web content management system (CMS). There are precisely millions of Joomla websites existing and thousands more are being built each day. Joomla’s easy installation with the instinctive admin panel has made it so popular among the users who want to have a flexible website.

From the very beginning, Joomla sites have offered various advantages in content management when compared to other platforms. One main censure of Joomla websites was the complexity in controlling the website appearance. But, several breakthroughs made by Joomla have moved it appreciably ahead of other web building tools not only in controlling the content, but also in controlling the structure and appearance of your website.

Advantages of Joomla over other web building platforms:

  1. Joomla offers a user-friendly interface: Joomla allows users to build, update and control their own website easily without the need to have any special knowledge of programming languages.
  2. Joomla is an open source platform: Many web design platforms like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expressions cost several dollars per person or a computer. Such high costs might be a barrier for a small businesses or startup companies. Joomla overcomes such barriers as it is an open source platform.
  3. Joomla websites are built online: As Joomla sites are built “in cloud”, you don’t even have to own a computer to build a website. You can just go to any local library and build your website online.
  4. Joomla offers number of extensions: Joomla offers ample number of extensions and the popular extensions incorporate programs for video shows, slide shows, blogging, social networking, commercial shopping carts, special graphics effects, forums and more. These extensions are completely listed in Joomla Extension Directory (JED).
  5. Joomla features a hidden database: If you want to manage the data sent by users, like any email newsletter sign up list, you don’t have to setup a separate data base. One prime advantage of this database is consolidating the signup list for an email newsletter. It lets you set up multiple mail lists and send custom newsletters with just a click of button.
  6. Joomla websites are easy to update over time: Because of Joomla’s user-friendly interface, it is quite easy to make any changes on your website over time.  There is no need of transferring files from local host to a remote host.

Because of these and several other pros, Joomla is now the most favored web building platform in the world. We at Fortune Innovations Dallas, have developers who excel in Joomla web development. Get connected with us soon to have a unique and astonishing website at a moderate cost.

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