The WordPress Company will Release their Latest Version of this Classical Software

23 September 2013

Dallas: According to the USA media reports, the founder of Automattic whose name is Matt Mullenweg has given the reporter his view about newest growths of its well-known blog platform WordPress on Saturday at WordCamp San Francisco conference. Almost all of website developers should have fully understanding about the WordPress system. Its famous plug-ins such as WordPress Slideshow Maker has been largely used among all of website makers across the world.

It has been reported that Mullen Ludwig had considered the plan of the new WordPress versions such as 3.6, 3.7 and 3.88 during his lecture. Alternatively, this man has also declared that they would start on the resource site for the website developer. They want to move the WordPress into one kind of application platform. If people want to find the good WordPress Slideshow Maker, the website must be the best choice for them.

Besides, Automattic is going to release a new version of WordPress which version is 3.6. The charging HiSlider man has said that the new version of WordPress which has been code-named as Oscar is about to be released. In this version, it could support for video and audio files in the working process. On the other hand, this new version will also provide with people the function of updated version management. However, the new version such as 3.7 and 3.8 will also be released in October and December of this year. This would be the good news for all web designers around the world.

From the data of, it has demonstrated to people that the WordPress software has already been downloaded for over 46 million times over the past 1 year. On the other hand, this software has also been adding about over 336 topics which should be more than 2.3 times of the same period time of last year. Additionally, the users¡¯ applications for plug-ins such as WordPress Slideshow Maker have already reached to 9,334 times. From now on, WordPress has by now approved 6758 applications. So far, the number of plug-ins of WordPress plugin has already reached to 26,000. However, it also has the mobile version of the WordPress. During the past 12 months, WordPress has released 15 new updates which have incorporated three iOS update, six Android updating and 6 Windows Phone updates.

With the growth and improvement of the WordPress, the WordPress users would pay more attention jQuery slider maker to the function extension of this kind of software. The plug-in such as WordPress Slideshow Maker of this software would be the most significant factor for the extension of this software.

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