Tossup: An Exceptional App to Simplify Event Planning

6 August 2015

Dallas: Over several years, lots of applications have been trying to facilitate the users to get along with their friends offline while helping them to plan up for any formal events or casual get-togethers. But now, Microsoft has rolled out a polling app called Tossup which allows a group of friends to vote on things like deciding the place to meet, time to meet, choosing the restaurant, etc. The app can also be used to gather some general opinions through polling.

Tossup polling app is one of the recent projects that emerged out of Microsoft. The programs of Microsoft usually work like internal accelerator allowing the teams and employees to turn their ideas into reality. Recent releases of Microsoft mostly include things like social apps for trip tracking, alternative mobile keyboards, Android lock screens, news apps, weather apps and more.

How does the app work?

  • As said above, Tossup is an app which mainly focuses on simplifying event planning for you. So in order to use the app, firstly you need to login by entering your phone number or email id. You can then create any questions and send it to your friends using polling option in Tossup, so that your friends can let you know their opinion through polls.
  • For instance, you can ask “Where to go for lunch?” your friends can suggest any restaurants through polls. The app also allows you to pull up nearby restaurants to include in the poll.
  • To get suggestions from your friends, all that you need to do is, invite them by sending them the link to app via email or a text message. When your friends click on the link, they will be prompted to install the app to take part in the poll. If the app is already installed, they will be directed right to the poll question.
  • As your friends vote, their choice will be visually shown in the app. The comments section in the app allows the users to carry out further discussions about their plan.

The app suits the best for planning the events but it can also be used to take general opinions. You can ask any sort of questions to put it into competition with other polling apps like Clinch, Rudder, Straw, Polar and many others. After the arrival of Tossup, Microsoft Garage released a wave of five other projects which include Maker.js (JavaScript software library) and apps like Receipt Tracker, InstaNote and Work Item Studio. So on the whole, Microsoft Garage is now the home for two dozens of different projects.

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