The Top 10 Free Alternatives to Pre-Loaded iPhone Apps

29 October 2014

Dallas: Your iPhone come with a cluster of usual apps right out of the box. But ever since the App Store started on 2008, developers have discovered means to make the basic apps better that come with your iPhone. For all basic apps like Music, Calendar, and Weather, there is an improved substitute.

Here is a list of 10 brilliant apps that can replace many of the ones effortlessly that come pre-loaded with your iPhone. All of them are vast and, most prominently, all of them are at no cost and obtainable in the App Store right now. These best alternative apps can make your iPhone so much better.

1. Kindle (Replaces: iBooks)

Each one of us is fond of a good book and was certainly happy when Apple initially declared the iBooks app and iBookstore. However, regardless of iBooks offering a pretty wide-ranging collection and a very pleasant reading app, Amazon’s Kindle app gives the best experience.

The Kindle app gives a natural reading experience, along with offering better fonts and tools than iBooks. A good instance is when attempting to find the meaning of a word. On iBooks you require tapping and holding on the word and then tapping on Define whereas on the Kindle app just tapping and holding on a word reveals its meaning immediately.

2. Any.Do (Replaces: Reminders)

Reminders is a great app for those seeking a basic to-do app. All do not like the app’s looks and limited options. Thus, for those of you who would wish for something better but at the same time stays simple and focused, Any.Do is what you are seeking.

Any.Do is better as it has a desktop client, syncs to the cloud, and takes in time and location based reminders in a neat, pro-productivity interface.

3. Skype (Replaces: Phone/FaceTime)

Apple’s Phone application is limited to voice. FaceTime is accessible only by means if Wi-Fi on the majority of iOS devices on most of the countries around the globe. Then why not substitute these with Skype?

Skype is a best choice for both voice and video calling and, top of all; it enables you to carry out both over a cellular connection. The signal strength decides the call quality and it won’t cost you anything if you are calling someone who uses Skype too. Besides, Skype offers a sequence of great deals in case you would like to call to mobile phones or landlines.

4. Evernote (Replaces: Notes)

It would not be sarcasm to say that the Notes app on iOS is too easy and just overly plain. Fortunately though, Evernote is not just a great free substitution, it is an complete solution that allows you to record audio, save tweets, look for text in images and so on, all across several podiums. What makes Evernote more improved is that it has apps for both iPad and Mac, letting you keep all your reminders and notes in sync and constantly at hand.

5. Chrome Web Browser (Replaces: Safari)

Web browsing is one of the activities that’s mostly done on our phones, so having as much as option as possible is better.  Unfortunately, Apple won’t let other browsers to turn into default, but that does not indicate that you can’t download other options that offer an improved experience. Google Chrome browser is terrific. It is quick, offers smooth experience, multiple tab browsing and most of all syncs with Chrome on the desktop, 

6. App Shopper (Replaces: App Store)

While browsing the iOS App Store for paid and free apps is good, shopping for free and discounted apps is even improved. That is why App Shopper is a super hit among iPhone users. App Shopper tracks nearly all the latest price changes and particular sales in the App Store and exhibits them in a planned way.

7. Gmail (Replaces: Mail)

Having few alternatives to Apple’s Mail app makes you deem all the flaws that the app has. One of the most evident ones is possibly its poor integration with Gmail, not giving support for a lot of Gmail’s features. Fortunately, Google offers its Gmail native app for free.

As anticipated, all of Gmail’s web features are maintained: Labels, starring and so forth. However, this app just lets you to be signed in to one email account at once, so those who have many of them might be disappointed.

8. Weather Neue (Replaces: Weather)

Those who would like an option to the native Weather app must look into Weather Neue. This free weather app doesn’t get any added features, but it does sport a totally different look when compared to the native application. This is a must for those who have been using iPhone for the past few years and are tired of looking at the same Weather app many times.

9. Flayvr (Replaces: Photos)

Flayvr is a better photo app that manages your photos in diverse ways. This not only saves you lots of scrolling through numerous similar-looking thumbnails, it also lets you to find out some photos that you might have overlooked.

This app sports a very fresh design and manages photos in a very useful and focused manner.

10. Google Drive (Replaces: iCloud)

iCloud is an acceptable service, but according to a recent news, it’s not that safe. In addition, you can get lots of storage from Google Drive. You have apps that function across podiums, and instances are you are by now employing Gmail and other Google products already.

So, that was the list of best 10 apps, which are the top free substitutes to the default ones in iPhone.

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