Statistics Clearly Say That Mobile Apps are Dominating Web Apps

20 July 2015

Dallas: Just a few years ago, it was thought that web apps would become more popular than the native mobile applications but it is not the case now. Recently, a well-known analytics company called Flurry got deeper with the mobile usage data and has found that people spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes using mobile applications while they spend just about 22 minutes on web applications.

Gaming has been the customary reason for mobile applications being used so much. But it was just to give a start; today, there are lots of options for user and there are mobile apps for almost every online activity. Users can choose between the web apps and mobile apps; but according to the survey made by Flurry, 86% of people are choosing mobile apps over web apps especially for entertainment, news, social media and utilities. Users can order pizzas, shop for latest fashions with just a click on their mobile devices. This clearly says that world is going mobile with mobile apps dominating the web apps.

App usage statistics according to an Internet analytics company:

  • ComScore, an American Internet analytics company recently published the data on how people are using the mobile apps. The data says that people are using both Android and iOS apps on both smartphones and tablets. Facebook is the most popular mobile app being used by people and other popular apps include Google, Amazon, eBay, Apple and Yahoo.
  • The company also reported that more than one third of the app users in US are downloading at least one app per month. Also, the smartphone users are downloading minimum of three apps per month. The report sheds light on one more interesting fact that 7% of the mobile users are responsible for almost half of the app download activity.
  • Furthermore, hefty 57% of smartphone users and 26% of the tablet users are using apps every day. Also, 79% of smartphone users use apps at least for 26 days in a month and 56% of tablet users report the same usage. Meanwhile iPhone app users report the usage of 9 hours more than the Android users every month.

These statistics clearly show that there is an increasing demand for mobile app development. We can also say that it is also a lesson for those who have relied on web app developers for developing a mobile app. Good or bad, mobile app usage is clearly on rise and people prefer to use mobile apps more than the web apps.

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