Splendid Outlook app for Android and iOS Uplifts Microsoft's Mobile Comeback

23 February 2015

Dallas: Recently, Microsoft released a truly native Outlook application for iOS and Android which has received huge accolades and it seems to be the sign that its mobile strategy is finally getting on track. It looks like Microsoft is absolutely doing a right thing by putting up such popular and important applications on both iOS and Android. As number of people using this application use multiple devices, it would be very easy for them to move across the platforms with same tools.

The new app launched recently for iOS and the preview mode for Android looks technologically different from Outlook.com. The mobile front-end for its web based email service is also different from the Outlook web app, using which the users of Office 365 and Exchange access their business accounts. As of now, the app doesn’t yet support all the features of Windows Outlook.

The app lacks support from the administrative tools

  • Microsoft itself has acknowledged that both the iOS and Android versions of the app lack the full range of support for Exchange ActiveSync administrative tools, particularly the ability to wipe out the device completely if it is lost or stolen (it currently supports the wipe out of email accounts and other attachments). But nevertheless the application is drawing praises for helping the users to transform the perception of Microsoft.
  • But while testing the app, it has been noticed that the app is facing some difficulty to get connected to the hosted Exchange accounts. Also if it synchronizes calendar data from multiple email accounts including Yahoo and Gmail, the Outlook app omits a few properties that the Outlook 2013 attaches to the events.

The new Outlook is expected to bring huge revenue

  • Users have already noted that the new Outlook would certainly be far from Microsoft’s first cross platform application by noting the success of Skype and the recent Office apps for iOS and Android. The latest Outlook release could bring them some revenue which the Microsoft missed out by not releasing Windows phone so soon.
  • Few people from Microsoft emphasized during the launch of Windows 10 that the Microsoft devices would continue to be the targets for offering the best services. The company is so intent on making cloud-based services available on other platforms where client apps are the gateways for those services.

Microsoft building cross platform apps

  • It’s also been predicted that the growing strength of Microsoft Office would provide company with more bargaining power as it negotiates for resources and support from Apple and Google. Microsoft also advices Apple to enhance its iTunes support for Windows if it wants to have the support for Minecraft, Skype or Office in iOS.
  • But the ultimate goal of Microsoft is to help users in being more productive irrespective of their location or the device.

So it's really hard to deny the fact that, with a relatively small amount of investment, Microsoft has covered up one of the oldest brands in less than two months and has also converted it into one of the powerful mobile assets.

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