Microsoft Revealed Its Plan to bring iOS and Android Apps to Windows 10

13 May 2015

Dallas: After hovering around the rumors for several months, Microsoft has finally revealed its plan to get mobile apps on Windows 10. While the company is still emulating Android apps, it has settled on to a different solution that allows developers to bring their existing code to Windows 10. Now, the Android and iOS developers will be able to port to their apps to Windows universal apps. This is being enabled with new software development kits. Android developers can use C++ and Java code on Windows 10 whereas iOS developers can use the objective C code.

Simple idea, but complicated process!

The idea of getting apps on Windows 10 without rebuilding them fully for Windows looks very simple but the actual process is a bit complicated. Microsoft’s call to its developers is to bring their code with not many changes and eventually add them with the capabilities of Windows like Xbox live, Cortana, Live Tiles, Holograms and more.

The executive VP of Microsoft admits that it was not an obvious choice to bring both iOS and Android apps to Windows. Earlier the company had a plan to just bring iOS apps; but there are some countries where iOS devices are not used much. So supporting both iOS and Android developers would allow Microsoft to capture everybody who is developing for mobile platforms.

Desktop apps to make their way towards Windows universal apps!

Along with Android and iOS SDK’s, the company is also revealing the ways for website and desktop apps to make their way towards Windows universal apps. A new way has been created for websites to run inside a universal app so that they can use the system services like notifications and in-app purchases. This should enable the website owners to build web apps without much effort and list those apps in the Windows store.

It’s not the best alternative for a native application, but for simple websites it’s certainly a best way to create an application without the developers having to learn any new coding language. The developers will be able to use .NET and Win32 frameworks to bring web apps to the Windows universal apps.

SDK’s are the bridge to get developers into Windows 10!

Approximately around 16 million .Net and Win32 apps are still being used every month on Windows 7 and 8; Microsoft needs to get these on Windows 10 as well. The company is using some of its HyperV works to virtualize the desktop applications on Windows 10. Adobe is one particular test case with which Microsoft has been working closely to pack its apps ready for Windows 10.

On the whole, Microsoft is referring new SDKs as the bridges to get developers interested in Windows 10. It’s definitely a key moment for the company to win the developers back and prove that Windows is still in the race.

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