iOS 7 was a Lot More than Just the Design Refresh

23 December 2015

Dallas: The iPhone has been a most successful consumer product of all time with more than 700 million pieces sold since 2007. Its big sibling iPad is also ranking higher in the list of top selling products.

Being so successful and popular, iOS keeps adding some enticing features with each and every update. But when iOS 7 was released, there were talks in the industry that it has come up with just some minor tweaks on design and interface. But iOS 7 is a lot more than design refresh; the update seems to have influenced the current OS a lot.

Digital First

  • We have seen iOS 7 introducing a new, flat and white background built around the layers. Many people who used the 3D Touch feature on iOS 9 commented that how can iOS make such a huge sense where the layers are designed to peek and pop. The apps are also designed around this where a link in one app opens another app; the second app just slides over the existing app.
  • In order to get some new features and interconnectivity which were introduced with iOS 8 and iOS 9, Apple had to get back from skeuomorphism and it had to be digital first. The iOS 7 took the fundamentals of iOS 1 to iOS 6 in many ways and digitized the OS truly. This move of OS to a relatively simple and flat design meant that it would easily scale to different screen sizes.

Starting point for major tweaks

  • As already told, apple needed to have a simple and neat design that wouldn’t look out-dated after few years. Though few commentators said that the design looks very simple, the design looks and feels fresh that it would not look out-dated few years later.  Actually, the design is more timeless and hence requires a few overhauls. As the design is timeless, Apple can focus mainly on adding new features instead of doing major design overhauls.
  • Instead of making any major design overhauls, it’s more likely that Apple will continue focusing on building added intelligence to iOS. It’s evident that Apple hasn’t taken up the sledgehammer approach to introduce all at once; it has phased in features with every improvement made on iOS.

Taking vastly different approaches, the mobile operating systems are getting increasingly smarter over time. Apple is reportedly hiring increasing number of artificial intelligence expert to build added intelligence to the mobile operating system. Apple recently acquired VocallQ, a UK based development firm which could help to strengthen Siri in the future versions of iOS. This clears that iOS 7 update was not just a design refresh, but a lot more than that.

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