How Can Blog Help You in Increasing Online Sales?

7 September 2015

Dallas: Every sales process involves several steps through which a lead gets converted. Fortunately, there are dozens of tactics adapting which you can increase your inline sales incredibly. One such effective method through which you can increase your online sales is blogging. Today there are number of theories explaining how to increase online sales. Design has been the main focus for some, while others concentrate solely on the content marketing. So what exactly you need to have in your blog so that it can increase your sales significantly?

These are the 5 c’s you need to have in your blog to increase the sales:

  1. Content: Earlier content was just meant to be the text and nothing else. Today, content means a lot than just the text. There are numerous mediums like text, gifs, images and videos to use on your blog. Using all these mediums, you can certainly convey a lot than you do while just using the text.
  2. Context: Context is equally important as the content; you need to make sure that the content has a clear context and it’s easily understandable. In a blog, instead of selling something directly, you will create a platform to share the story, experience or any useful information.
  3. Commerce: When somebody visits your blog, they would spend some time on looking the content you have created. You just have to make sure that you have used a right content marketing strategy so that the visitor would want to buy what you are selling.
  4. Call to Action (CTA): Creating a call-to-action is actually an art; it’s something that makes the user get into action. It should be simple, clear and should convey a message to the user about what your service/product is capable of and why they have to buy it.
  5. Creativity: Creativity is the basic quality that you need to have if you are in an online business. Customers are very clever these days and they don’t get attracted to your words unless it has some value. But creating the value is in your hands; you need to be very creative to captivate the audiences. 
    • Creativity in content: You can make use of images, gifs, memes, videos or any other piece of content to make the users feel that the brand is doing everything it can to build a strong relationship with them.
    • Creativity in CTAs: As already told, call-to-action plays an important role in creating a strong impact on your product or brand. It’s more than just using the right words; you must be able to convince your audiences and it takes creativity to do that.

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