Flood of Trojanized Android Apps Has Hit Third-Party App Stores

23 November 2015

Dallas: Today, Android app development has gained a huge popularity and the Android developers across the world are trying to build innovative and intuitive apps for the platform. We can say that, it has been a challenge for them to build apps for Android as there are numerous devices available on the Google’s operating system.

The open source vision of Google for mobile development is certainly paving way for many new opportunities, but we can’t deny the fact that it’s also been a source for many problems.

One such problem is the security; these days, because of the excessive usage of internet, Android mobile devices are affected by malware that is similar to PCs. The lack of strict guidelines in the area of software fragmentation has been the main reason for proliferation of malware threats.

So it’s quite difficult to fix these security issues and this has become one of the biggest challenges faced by developers.

Hackers building rouge versions of Android apps

  • While the developers are striving to build intuitive Android apps, hackers are constantly creating the rogue version of popular Android apps that compromise the device’s security. The security experts have conducted a thorough research and have found more than 20,000 samples of trojanized apps. Typically they are the fully functional copies of most popular Android apes like WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Facebook, Okta, Google Now or Twitter, but with malicious code added with them.
  • The main objective of these rogue apps is to display the ads aggressively on your device. One scary development is that, these apps root the device on which they get installed, so that the users will not be able to remove it. In Android, rooting a device means nothing but availing the administrative privileges. An app with root access can even get out of its restricted sandbox and take full control over the device, its apps and data.

Trojanized apps are distributed via third-party stores

  • Fortunately, these trojanized apps are getting distributed only via third-party app stores, so that the apps cause no direct threat to the users who download apps only from Google Play. However, there are number of reasons for users to download apps from third-party app stores. The users intend to download the apps from third-party stores when they don’t get them on Google Play.
  • Lookout, a San Francisco based mobile security company recorded the highest number of detections for trojanized apps in countries like Germany, US, India, Sudan, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia. The hackers behind these threats use automation to repack the most popular apps from Google Play and upload them on the less policed app stores.

It’s expected that these trojanized apps gain more sophistication over time and leverage the root access to exploit the devices even more while allowing additional malware to gain read/write privileges in the system directory.

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