Is Facebook App Terribly Slow on Your Android Device? Try Facebook Lite

12 June 2015

Dallas: Sometimes the Facebook app on your Android device becomes unbelievably slow because of the weak network connections or the sting data plans that have been quite common in Southeast Asia, Africa and India.  Keeping this in mind, Facebook has launched a low resolution version of its Android app and it’s called Facebook Lite. The app works pretty well even on low networks or out-dated phones. It consumes very less data when compared to other smartphone applications. It’s already been rolled out in Asia and is expected to come to Africa, Latin America and Europe in a couple of weeks.

Facebook Lite has been designed mainly for the developing world in order to help the social network on-board its next billion users. Though the app doesn’t offer some data intensive features like nearby friends and videos, if the users are ready to accept the low-resolution image thumbnails, they can have a smooth and quick Facebook experience even in some remote corners on the planet.

Why Facebook Lite has been designed?

  1. It’s basically designed to work on any Android phone regardless of the RAM, processor, storage space, etc.
  2. The app is designed to load faster even on 2G mobile data which is being used by more than 4 billion people on the earth.
  3. One more important reason for designing Facebook Lite is to use as less data as possible as the cost of data plan has been a barrier for several users to access internet.

It’s being said that the app is below 1 MB and can be downloaded within seconds even on slower 2G connections. People have already started using it and in fact they are wondering about the amazing features of the app. As said above, the app burns very less data as it never pre-loads full resolution images.

The photos and other link-preview thumbnails will appear a bit grainy at first. It will later be displayed in full-resolution only if you tap on that grainy photo. Likewise if you try to upload any photos to Facebook Lite, it compresses the image and sends it in the background. So definitely the size will be small and the users don’t have to waste their time by simply staring at the screen.

Facebook is aware that every round trip to the server is really painful and hence it has been very careful in designing the features and experiences that the app offers. The app seems to have some ads but the top formats like app install ads will not exist in Facebook Lite.  Few advertisers are not happy with the app because when the images are compressed, people would scroll them faster even before they load.

So with all the above said advantages, Facebook Lite has been the world’s largest social media network expansion into the emerging markets.  

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