Easiest Way to Share Files from Android to iOS – Zapya!

18 December 2014

Dallas: There are several ways to share files within the same platform; iOS devices make use of AirDrop whereas Android has Android beam for sharing files. But the problem arises when you think of sharing files across platforms (from iOS to Android or vice versa).

Earlier, we used to follow many ways like emailing the file or uploading it to the Dropbox so that it can be downloaded on the phone later. But now, fortunately we have a lot of applications which are designed to solve the problem of sharing files across platforms. There are different options out there, out of which the most favored one is the app called Zapya which is available both on iOS and Android platforms.

Zapya is a local file sharing application which makes use of wireless networks to connect two different devices. It just uploads the files on one device and lets you download it on the other; it is as simple as the chatting on Facebook. Not only that, Zapya also allows you to share applications between the devices.

This is how Zapya works:

  1. Firstly, you need to install Zapya app on both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Make sure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Launch the application on your Android device and tap on “create group” option.
  4. Now, click on menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner and tap on “connect to iOS Device” where you will see the name of your Wi-Fi network and the host device.
  5. Later, connect to the Wi-Fi network on your iOS device and launch the Zapya app.
  6. Choose “search and join” option which pops out and tap on the device name which you want to get connected to.

Zapya lets you share files easily using Wi-Fi network, so file transfer will obviously be faster when compared to cloud services. As you are not uploading or downloading anything, it doesn’t use up your data limit or cost you anything. Of course, it is slower when compared to USB file transfer method, but it is certainly beneficial for getting files out of an iOS device, which could be cumbersome or even impossible in some cases.

Zapya also has certain limitations associated with it. In case of an iOS device, you're confined on the contents you can send. In order to share a photo or a video, you need to open the particular file using corresponding apps and then you can tap on share icon to send the file to Zapya first which can later be downloaded on an Android device. This often makes the app to crash. But in Android device, as it has an open file system, you can just browse the file you want to send and share them with iOS devices. Later you can just tap the file and select “open in” option to open the required app.

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