Apple’s Latest Update on its OS (iOS 8.2) Includes a Permanent App Called Apple Watch

20 March 2015

Dallas: Apple recently released a new update on its operating system (iOS version 8.2); if you install that update, you will find a new app called “Apple watch” added on to your phone. It’s software which allows Apple Watch owners to pair their smart watch with the iPhone. Using this app, they can control certain settings of the watch and can also download any new wearable applications.

Apple Watch is all set to be released on 24th April 2015; it’s being said that the watch will be released in 9 countries. It’s also expected to be paired up with iPhone because it supports many features and apps such as Messaging app, Siri digital and many other third party applications. But to use all these applications, you need the support of an iPhone. It just means that the smart watch needs smartphone as a companion to perform some major functions in an app.

The guesses had been running about Apple launching the new device since September. But it has confirmed the date now and also the price. The Aluminum sport model will be costing you around $350 and if it’s a steel middle-tier model, it costs $550. The watch also comes with 18-karat gold models and it is priced at $10,000 and $17,000 for a higher end strap.

Apple Watch is enticing the customers

But currently the Apple Watch is attracting the customers with its product videos and it’s not at all hard to think of an update down the line which would notify you for every 30 seconds reminding you of something. Few inbuilt apps in Apple like Calendar, Like Stocks, and Contacts cannot be removed. Now ‘Apple Watch’ is a new addition for those apps that can’t be deleted.

Of course, the app is necessary for those who own Apple smart watches; so that they can synchronize their watch with the iPhone without which they can’t perform some major functions. They can also get notifications on their phone; so they can use the app to at least some extent. But for the non-owners, the app is almost useless. All that they can do is, watching some videos about ‘Apple Watch’.

A new advertising strategy

It might be an advertising strategy followed by Apple as the app lives on the home screen of millions of iPhones. Today there are more than 700 million iPhones taking from when it was introduced. Though all the devices are not capable of running on iOS 8.2, they are trying to reach the users who have installed this new update.

But those who are not really interested in spending several dollars to purchase it, the best option is to bury the ‘Apple Watch’ app in a folder of the last screen and also naming it as “Maps” or “Games”. But it can’t be assured that you will not be tempted by seeing the video within the app and reach out your wallet to spend for it.

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