8 Android Apps That Leave Your iPhone Friends Green-eyed

6 July 2015

Dallas: Today, we are in the digital world where there is an app for almost everything; we know that most of the apps are launched on both Android and iOS but there are some apps in Android that you can’t recommend for your iPhone friends; from an app that lets you manage smartphones LED to an app that lets you message your friends while watching some videos.

Here are a few Android apps that you can’t recommend to your iPhone friends:

  1. Muzei: Muzei is an Android application that offers you the live wallpapers to change your boring home screen into a living museum. It changes the home screen into different art works each day while enhancing the look of your home screen.   
  2. HoverChat: HoverChat is a messaging app which lets you continue the conversation even when you are watching any video or using any other app. You can resize the messaging window and can also decide how transparent the messaging window has to be. You can customize messaging to the way you want.
  3. Google Keep: Google Keep is the most flexible app to make a note of something or to keep any reminders. You can code your notes with your favorite colors so that it can be remembered easily. The app also lets you take pictures and record your voice. The recorded voice will be transcribed automatically by the app.
  4. Cover: Cover is a brilliant app that reduces the hassle of going across several pages to find an app. The app senses whether you are at work, home or driving and arranges the apps accordingly to provide you the ease of searching them. It places the apps most used during those time on the lock screen.
  5. Light Flow: If your phone comes with an LED light for notifications, Light Flow can be of a great use to you. It lets you choose the colors to blink while notifying about the call, text message, reminder, email or when your phone is running out of battery.
  6. Cerberus: Cerberus is an app that lets you track stolen device; but it does a lot more than just tracking it. It lets you control your device remotely using the website. You can sound an alarm even if the device is in silent mode, wipe the data, see the list of dialed and received calls, and can also hide the Cerberus app so that the thief doesn’t notice it.
  7. Lux: Lux allows you alter your phone’s brightness settings. It lets you lower the brightness level below zero at night. There is a night mode which turns on automatically when the sun sets.
  8. Locale: Locale is an Android app that lest you customize the phone as you wish. You can customize the behavior of the phone based on where you are. You can set the device to silent mode for a particular period of time or reduce the brightness when the phone’s battery hits 20%.

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