Make Use of Instagram for Profitable Ecommerce Marketing

Instagram is basically a social networking service which can be used for sharing photos and videos on different social platforms like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr. Using Instagram, you can post your pictures and videos to your followers directly from your mobile device along with the caption. What makes it different is its feature which mainly focuses on the photographs and the captions given.

Along with the several useful features, it also has some business advantages, employing which you can take your business to the next level. Let’s consider ecommerce websites, we have number of ecommerce websites all around the world today; these ecommerce websites can make the efficient use of Instagram service to attain their business goals.

Few points that shed light on the usage of Instagram to promote your products:

  1. Unite Instagram photos with your ecommerce website: You can display the photos taken by your customers by wearing your brand’s merchandise on the widget of your home page. When the user clicks any of those pictures, there appears a pop up window which directly takes you to the product page.
  2. Sell through Instagram: The Instagram service doesn’t let users to embed direct hyperlinks besides the Instagram images and this might make you feel difficult to provide easy clicks to the relevant product pages on your ecommerce websites. But you can make use of several app providers like Soldsie, where you can sell your products in the comment section of the Instagram posts. When the followers leave a comment using the word sold, the sales channel receives the invoice about the product and this would be of great use to complete the purchase.
  3. Display customers using your products: This technique works out very well; people usually buy products after hearing some good reviews about it. They just don’t want to fall into a ditch without any knowledge about the product. So, when you display the customers using your products, even the other users may also get inspired to buy the product.
  4. Run a contest: Contests are really a great way to attract the customers; it’s as similar to that of any contests being run on any retail stores. When you keep organizing some events or contests, users generally get attracted and participate in it. In Instagram you can try a contest in a different way by asking the users to follow the brand and also asking them to tag three friends in the comments. Your product will get publicity which affects the sales.
  5. Take lifestyle photos: Taking photos in the normal lifestyle that showcases you’re the user of your products in a simple way. It’s really a creative way of making the efficient use of Instagram photos. It has already been employed by major ecommerce websites and the results have been fruitful.
  6. Celebrate the seasons: One more thing you can do with Instagram is celebrating the seasons or any special occasions like New Year day or thanksgiving on your ecommerce website. It definitely creates a sense of good will and adds some value to your website. Seeing this, users may get attracted to your website; once they get into the website, they will purchase the product if they feel that it’s worth buying it.
  7. Make use of Instagram’s video capabilities as well: Don’t just restrict yourself to the usage of just the photos; you can take the advantage of Instagram’s video capabilities as well by posting some enticing videos that showcases your brand’s products.

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