How to Make Visitors Stay on Your Website?

Have you ever wondered why your website is getting visitors, but they aren’t staying?

Well, there are so many reasons for the users leaving the site without spending time on it. What we know is that, providing the best user experience makes them stay on the website. But, what many of us are still concerned about is how to provide an engaging and immersive experience to make them stay. And now, we’ll clear it out.

Here in this article, we’ve covered 5 simple practices that can make your visitors stay on the website. Have a look.

1. Appealing Design

Yes, when it comes to website, first impression is everything. Visitors just leave the website in no time if they are not impressed at their very first sight. And, if their first sight is good, chances are more that the visits get converted. No matter how service oriented your website is; if the design is not pleasing, users just leave.

One main reason for us seeing so many poorly designed websites is the lack of resources or priorities. Even those who’ve been in design industry for a long time can still fail to make a website successful; it’s because they don’t get updated with the trends. So, make sure you get your website designed so well that the users stick to it as they get in.

2. Industry Mirroring

An enticing web design is not the end of it; the design of your website should mirror your industry. It should match your business, services you’re offering or the products you’re selling.

Just imagine yourself visiting an automobile website, but find the design very much irrelevant to the industry. How long would you stay in that website? You’ll be more likely to get out of the website immediately. Chances are that the visitors think that the site has nothing that they’re looking for.

For instance, if the website is all about making money online, you can choose to get along with long content pages, clip art and big fonts, but you can’t go with the same for a site related to tax debt. You would need modern and structured content, solid colors, clean font and professional images.

3. Eliminate Interstitial Webpages

Interstitial pages are those that appear covering all the information on the website even before you can view the expected page. This kind of advertising works in very rare cases, so it’s advised to use if it is really necessary.

These pages greatly affects the repeat visits to your site; no matter how big the company is or how good the services are, uses just don’t want to see these type of ads. Of course, there are a few websites that still use these pages, but they have been in the field for many years and they carry years of trust.

4. Take Advantages of Heat maps

Heat maps help you understand your website better; it exposes the spots on the website that are attracting the visitors. It tracks the movement of mouse on the website, and gives you an insight about what users like and what they don’t.

Use this method of heat map and track what is the most clicked or most hovered element on your website, so that you’ll get an idea about what your users are expecting from your website, and it’ll also help you get better. There are instances where websites used this method and achieved greater conversion rates.

5. Omit Compulsory Registration

UX experts say that compelling users to get registered even before they get to know about it (before viewing its content) is more irritating than a popup ad. There are several ways to make your visitors get registered without annoying them.

You can simply include an option to get registered on your site; if the visitors like your site, they’ll get registered. Compulsion works only when you’re offering something that the visitors can find only on your website.

Lastly, along with all the above mentioned points, it’s good if you can add a section for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). No matter how good your website is, people always have questions for you, make it easy for them to get their confusions cleared. Consider all these, and you’ll see your users staying on your website; at least they’ll not close it at their first sight.

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