AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google designed to create dynamic web apps. AngularJS is a complete solution for developing a front end based application without dependency on any other frameworks or plugin.

AngularJS is a new, powerful, client-side technology that provides a way of accomplishing really powerful things in a way that embraces and extends HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while shoring up some of its glaring deficiencies. It is what HTML would have been, had it been built for dynamic content.

AngularJS Custom Development Services

AngularJS is modified version of HTML used to build web apps. It is extensible and every feature in it can be modified to meet the requirements. Using AngularJS, Fortune Innovations has opened up new gates for improving web performance which is not at all possible with legacy browsers. Fortune Innovations provides custom development services for dynamic web applications using AngularJS.

Features of AngularJS:

  • Efficient Framework: AngularJS is an efficient framework that can create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). AngularJS provides capability to create Single Page Application in a very clean and maintainable way.
  • Faster application development: The MVC architecture ensures that the application development, testing, maintenance is fast and quick. This will also help to create software more quickly and with less effort.
  • Cross-browser compliant: Applications written in AngularJS automatically handles JavaScript code suitable for each browser making it cross-browser compliant.
  • Open Source: AngularJS is open source and is completely free.
  • User Experience: AngularJS provides two-way data binding capability to HTML. Thus, it gives user a rich and responsive experience.
  • Reusable Components: AngularJS provides reusable components. With AngularJS, the developers can achieve more functionality with shortcode.
  • Modules: AngularJS modules divide the web application into small, reusable and functional components which can be integrated with other web applications. Each module is identified by a unique name and can be dependent on other modules.
  • Filters: AngularJS provides built-in filters such as Currency, Date, Number, OrderBy, Lowercase, Uppercase etc. It also allows developer to create custom filters.
  • Unit Testing Ready: With AngularJS, the code written in JavaScript comes through series of tests. By following testing best practices with AngularJS development, improved quality of the software is ensured.
  • Support: Professional Support by AngularJS is available.


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